10 Best Tourist Places in Birbhum!
10 Best Tourist Places in Birbhum

10 Best Tourist Places in Birbhum!

Help My Tour Define You to Find Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Birbhum! You Can Visit The Beautiful Tourist Spots in Birbhum District! Read Full List of 10 Best Tourist Spots in Birbhum!

Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Birbhum

10 Best Tourist Places in Birbhum
10 Best Tourist Places in Birbhum!

Birbhum is one of the biggest destinations for tourism. Many Tourist Person Come in Birbhum and They Visit Most of The Beautifull Places in Birbhum.

Here we manage you to all popular tourist spots of Birbhum. We provide a list and details sport, speciality and nostalgia of Birbhum. We are sure about this place you want to visit.

As per our recommendation, The Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Birbhum is Tarapith, Fullura, Kankalitalla, Bolpur Santiniketan, Bakreswar, Patharchapuri, Ekchakra, Kaleswar Shiva Temple, Nalateswari Mandir, Tarashankar Museum, Etc & Many More!

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Most Beautiful Tourist Spots in Birbhum District

The most beautiful tourist spots list of Birbhum district. All the place is very popular in their theme. Just keep visiting & enjoy the fun. Read the full article about Top 10 Best Tourist Places in Birbhum.

1. Tarapith

Tarapith_Best Tourist Places in Birbhum
Tarapith_Best Tourist Places in Birbhum!

The Tarapith is a little temple town near Rampurhat in Birbhum of West Bengal, popular for its Tantric temple and its adjacent cremation (Maha Smashan) grounds where sādhanā (tantric rituals) are presented.

The Tantric Hindu temple is devoted to the god Tara. Tarapith acquires its name from its association as the most important centre of Tara prayer.

Sadhak Bamakhepa:

Tarapith is also important for Sadhak Bamakhepa, popular as the Avadhuta or “mad saint”, who prayed in the temple and resided in the cremation grounds.

Bamakhepa devoted his whole life to the devotion of Tara Maa. His ashram is also placed close to the temple. Tarapith is seen as one of the 52 Shakti Peethams of India.

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2. Fullura

Fullura_Best Tourist Places in Birbhum District
Fullura_Best Tourist Places in Birbhum District!

Labhpur (also spelt Labpur.), is a little town with a block office, a police station in Bolpur subdivision of Birbhum district. Popular to the outside environment as the regional place of Tarashankar Bandopadhyay.

The main sign of the place is the gorgeous temple of Fullara Maata. The myth is that the lip of Sati (Patbati) cut down at Fullara. It is one of the 51 Pithas or Sacred places where Sati’s dead body dropped. The temple is about 100 years old.

Labhpur Fullaratala is popular for the temple of God Fullara and lake called Daldali. As a replacement, there is a piece of tortoise-shaped rock admired by the followers. A 10-day fair is held at the Fullara temple every year while Magh Purnima.

3. Kankalitalla

Kankalitalla_Best Tourist Spots in in Birbhum District
Kankalitalla_Best Tourist Spots in in Birbhum District!

The Kankalitala Mandir near Bolpur, Birbhum which is popular as one of the Shakti Peeth (this is where Maa’s skeleton fell to earth). The place is situated on the bank of the river ‘Kopai’. Kankalitala is located on the Bolpur Labpur roadKankalitala is also the place of Nabani Das Baul, well known as “Khyyapa Baul”. He was known as Avadhuta of this area where he did his sadhana.

The myth of Daksha Yaga and Sati’s self-immolation is the story of the inspiration behind Shakti Peethas. Shakti Peethas are the spiritual abode of Devi made due to the falling of body parts of the corpse of Sati Devi, when Shiva carried it and walked through. 51 Shakti Peeth is linking to the 51 alphabets in Sanskrit.

Every temple has memorials for Shakti and Kalabhairava. The Shakti of the temple is petitioned as “Devgarbha” and the Bhairava as “Ruru“. It is assumed that Sati Devi’s bones have fallen here.

4. Bolpur Santiniketan

Bolpur Santiniketan_Tourist Spots in in Birbhum
Bolpur Santiniketan_Tourist Spots in in Birbhum

History of Santiniketan:

In 1862, Maharshi Devendranath Tagore, while on a stay to Raipur, he met with his former friend who arrived to be the zamindar of Raipur. Maharshi Devendranath communicated his desire to open up an ASHRAM and an educational institution in Birbhum.

His friend quickly agreed to give the whole barren land to Maharshi Devendranath and registered it in the name of Maharshi Devendranath on Rupee One as token value. Can Imagine!

He called his place Shantiniketan (after the name of the house). Shantiniketan displayed a spiritual centre where people from all faiths were invited to join for meditation and devotions. He established an ‘Ashram’ here in 1863 and became the initiator of the Brahmo Samaj.

About Santiniketan:

Bolpur-Santiniketan is one of the excellent weekend platform destinations for people who are keen to travel. It’s a high relief from metropolitan’s frantic pace and pollution. Rabindranath Tagore’s Visva-Bharati Vishyavidyalaya is the main point of the place. This is an International University and a high centre of Oriental education and practice.

It is a colourful festival for all Indians and popular as Holi. It happens at the end of wintertime when spring comes with its attraction. Falgun and Chaitra according to the Bengali calendar is the period of Dol Utsav.

Rabindranath Tagore started Dol Utsav in his institution with colourful performances. It coincides with Holi. The students of VisvaBharoti commemorate Basanta Utsav in a very special way. They make the festival extra colourful and attractive to all came from outside the district and also from travelling by their magnificent live show.

5. Bakreswar

Bakreswar_Best Tourist Places in Birbhum
Bakreswar_Best Tourist Places in Birbhum

Bakreswar is popular as one of the 51Sakthi Pithas of India were temples and fronts of God Sathi fell and worshipped as Mahishmardini. Bhairava is Bakranath. Bakreswar is also popular for its eight hot fountains which have varying temperatures.

Bakreswar is recognised for its Bakreswar temple which is devoted to lord Bakranath (Shiva) and goddess Kali. The main temple of Bakreswar is circled by many small shrines which are devoted to Lord Shiva. It is a famous Hindu temple in West Bengal.

Hot Spring:

Bakreshwar is also a place of geological importance with many hot springs. There are ten hot springs here similar Bhairav Kunda, Agni Kunda, Dudh Kunda etc. The hottest of these springs is called Agni kunda and it has a temperature of about 93.33° C. It is believed that the water of these springs has remedial resources.

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6. Patharchapuri

Patharchapuri_Best Tourist Places in Birbhum
Patharchapuri_Best Tourist Places in Birbhum

A Muslim paragon called Shah Meheboob but generally known as Data Saheb is said to have been gifted with supernatural powers and he used to cure dangerous illnesses by applying ash. He died on 10 Choitro 1298 according to the Bengali calendar.

Khan Bahadur, the Zamindar of Sekedda, inducted the system of a fair at Patharchapuri. He was the first president of the Mazar Maintenance Committee set up in 1918 by J.C.Dutta the District Magistrate. In 1933, Bijoychand Mahtab of Bardhaman
Raj gifted the property.

7. Ekchakra

Ekchakra_Places in Birbhum
Ekchakra_Places in Birbhum District!

Sri Nityananda Prabhu was born in Ekachakra. His parents were Padmavati and Hadai Pandita. When childhood, He played in this village-like Balarama. He survived at Mathura for some time with the sannyasi, and there He heard about Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s pastimes in Navadvipa.

On identifying this he came to Bengal to see the Lord. Knowing that Nityananda had arrived, Lord Chaitanya sent His followers to Him, and there was a connection between the two of them.

In the Mahabharata, it is also held to be the place where Demon Bakasura lived who was later slain by Bhima. However, there are different places all over India which contest as ancient Ekachakra.

8. Kaleswar Shiva Temple


Kaleswar Shiva Temple Located under Mayureswar Police Station, Birbhum on the Road from Sainthia to Kandi, Murshidabad (17 K.M. State High Way), turning right from Kaleswar more, the temple is besides about 3 K.M. away from the Kaleswar More.

The main temple is for the God Shiv, named “Lord Kaleshnath“, the Temple is famous for its height, presently it’s about 115 feet high. It is said that before this temple was built by stone. The second temple was constructed by bricks by Raja Ramjiban Roy after that the temple was rebuilt again by Sri Darikanath Devtapashi, a popular Saint.

A village fair held at “Shivaratri” in every year, people of 50 to 60 villages are joined in the fair. The Temple is a notable figure in the district, Birbhum.

9. Nalateswari Mandir

Nalateswari Mandir
Nalateswari Mandir

The Nalateswari Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas, one of the 51 places where pieces of Devi Sati’s body fell. This temple is very pure and visited by believers from all over the country.

Since the throat of ‘Nala’ of Sati is believed to have fallen here, the temple came to be named the Maa Nalateswari Temple. Nalhati is a wonderful place with serene outdoor and plateaus all around. A quick trip to Nalhati where you can offer your Puja to Maa Nalateswari, one of the holy “Peeth”s of Sati.

Nalhati is a little town of district Birbhum and joined to Railway. You can also visit Tarapith, Jagdhari Ashram, or Shantiniketan in a 2-3days weekend. There is a temple conducted lodge at Nalateswari temple where you can visit.
Puja and Prasad can be availed at an adjoining temple office from 9-12 am every day on pay.

10. Tarashankar Museum

Tarashankar Museum
Tarashankar Museum

The very-popular “Dhatri Devota” house was Tarashankar Bandyopadhyaya‟s cutcherry. As his forerunners were zamindars, this mentioned house was used for office work of the estates. The ground floor stored building was held for museum purposes.

There was an auditorium room on the first floor. But Palash Bandyopadhyay accused in court that this building had involved more in political work than its cultural plan. “Birbhum Sangskriti Bahini” gets full stability to put under care the “Dhatri Devata” from 2015.

Primarily they polished the katum-kutums (wooden sculptures) prepared by the writer. They made the adjacent houses of the “Dhatri Devata” into rent houses for the poor learners.


Not only these are the final place which you can visit, But You Can also visit more beautiful tourist sports in Birbhum district. As a few of these are Bhandier Bon, Radhamadhav Mandir, JoyDev-Kenduli, Ammkhoi Fossil Park Eco-Tourism Project, Etc & More Tourist Places in Birbhum.

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