Duarsini Forest in Purulia!
Duarsini Forest in Purulia!

Duarsini Forest in Purulia!

Hello Friends! Welcome to Help My Tour! Our Today’s Subject Is Duarsini Forest Which Held on Purulia District. Duarsini Forest Also Has Resort, Lodge, and Hills. in One Word Duarsini Is a Beautiful Place in Purulia.

Duarsini Forest


Duarsini Forest in Purulia!
Duarsini Forest in Purulia!

Introduction of Duarsini Forest:

Duarsini is sprawling hills and jungle areas are still isolated. Tourists, There is no overcrowded crowd here. Duarsini is all about the roads that surround the Ranga Palash, the jungles of the Shal-peal-tik, the Satgurung River and the utter silence. The Jharkhand border is located at a distance of a cliff.

Also, not many people are aware of the reality of the tribes that have made the forest of Duarsini their home. These old tribes are Munda, Shabaradh, Santhal and Kheriya, also recognized as very intriguing aspects of the region. These tribes are known for their different culture and story.

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Duarsini Forest Purulia
Duarsini Forest Purulia

Why Come Duarsini Village?

If you are looking for a place in India that is unique, less congested and still unspoiled, we have just the ideal place for you! Duarsini, a beautiful small village in West Bengal is a God’s invention in all true sense, and might just be the kind of target you were looking for. Located in the Purulia district of Bengal, this place is beautiful ahead of words.

Special Note: Duarsini forest is also a safe place for myriad animal species including wolves, bears, elephants, and hyenas, more others. The place is very beautiful and pure by outsiders, which also makes it a little mystical and unsafe. It is advisable to not go inside the dark forest alone or without a local guide.

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How to Come Duarsini Forest?

From Howrah to Purulia, any train can travel down Galudi or Ghatsila to Dwarsini. Located just 13 km from Ghatsila.

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Where You Can Stay in Duarsini?

You can stay at Kuilapal Forest Bangalow.

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Duarsini Forest in Purulia
Duarsini Forest in Purulia

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