The Secret Guide To Joychandi Pahar!
Joychandi Pahar

The Secret Guide To Joychandi Pahar!

Help My Tour Is Your New Tour Assistant! We Reveal the Secret Guide to Joychandi Pahar! Joychandi Hill Is the Most Beautiful Place in Purulia District!

Fall In Love With Joychandi Pahar


Joychandi Pahar
Joychandi Pahar

About Joychandi Pahar:

Have you ever listen about Joychandi Pahar? Trained trekking lovers and trekkers find it a great option for rock climbing as fine as trekking.

The Joychandi Pahar was popular only from the Satyajit Ray biggest cinema, ‘Hirak Rajar Deshe’ that has a few scenes shot here.

Earlier, the place was not so famous and as a result, not so many transport facilities are possible to reach the hill or Pahar from the railway station.

At now, the station is fully connected up to the Joychandi Pahar and the around locality that one can reach here quickly.

Joychandi Hill & Pahar
Joychandi Hill & Pahar

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Why Come Joychandi Hill?

The hotels are made in recent times and offer modern facilities in the lap of nature surrounded by Sal and Palash trees.

The whistling of the birds, the colorful flowers of the Palash trees and the lush greens of the around forests add some exciting and adventurous ambiance here.

The peaceful atmosphere and the sadness of the serene nature will obstruct your holiday trip with rare adventure.

Breathe fresh for you are away from the hustles bustles and polluted atmosphere of the city for some days.

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Outdoor Activities Near Joychandi Pahar:

Joychandi Pahar or Hill is a good opportunity for trekking and lots of trekkers are seen here. Revisiting this place does not mean that you have to go for trekking.

You can climb to a small height and enjoy the view of the places enclosing the resort.

This includes the hill band and also the natural beauty of the place. Particularly in the autumn, the color of nature shows off and fills the tourist minds with peace and happiness.

The lush greens nature along with the rural scenes will take you out of the daily anger of life.

There is a temple on a certain height of the Joychandi hills, which you can visit and try puja. On-demand, the local plays like Chau dance, Santhali dance can be seen.

Enjoy the filmy tonga ride or play outdoor games outside the hotel.

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Nearby Attractions at Joychandi Pahar:

Joychandi Pahar place is in the Purulia district. So, you can go for a visit to the popular place Ajodhya Pahar or Hill.

The destination has now become very popular with the Tuga Dam and nature’s beautiful sceneries, including falls.

The Maithan Dam, the Panchet Dam and the remains of Garh Panchakot must be visited.

Joychandi Pahar & Hill Top
Joychandi Pahar & Hill Top

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How to Come Joychandi Pahar?

You can take any train from Howrah towards Purulia and arrive at Adra junction. Then you can take any local train towards Asansol and land on the next station, as Joychandi Pahar.

The other route into a train is to reach Asansol from Howrah and take a local train towards Purulia to reach the middle station Joychandi Pahar. From there you can get local transportation to reach the hotel or resort.

Maa chandi temple
Maa chandi temple

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Where You Can Stay in Joychandi Hill?

The resort has many cottages and each of them is named uniquely. The names are Gitanjali, Sonar Tari, Meghamallar, Aranyak, Anandamath, Bagha, Gupi, etc.

However, all modern facilities are available here. Double bed, deluxe one, and dormitory facilities are also allowed.

Joychandi Pahar Station
Joychandi Pahar Station

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Top View of Joychandi Hill & Pahar
Top View of Joychandi Hill & Pahar


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