The Ultimate Guide To Visit Panchet Dam!
Panchet Dam Purulia

The Ultimate Guide To Visit Panchet Dam!

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Fall In Love With Panchet Dam


Panchet Dam Purulia
Panchet Dam Purulia


Why Come Panchet Dam?

Panchet is 5 km away from Maithan. The dam generates 80 MW of hydropower in the reservoir with 22,000 feet long and 135 feet high embankment on the river Damodar. This is the largest project of DVC in the Panchayat with water-jungle hills.

The five tribal kingdoms of the tribes are known as Panchkhat or Pachch coalition, which is known as Panchet. There is a fort near Panchkot, where Madhusudan Dutta once lived.

It is said that once the kingdom was the king of Bishnupur. Terracotta-rich deities are also seen in Bishnupur’s opinion on the diverse Panchet Hills.

The perfect time to visit this pool is at the end of the monsoon, when the water level of the tank is high and the gates of the dam are unlocked to let the water out, or at the opening of the winter.

Panchet Dam Purulia
Panchet Dam Purulia

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How to Come Panchet?

Barrakar (32 km), Asansol (3 km), Kumardubi (3 km), Dhanbad (5 km), the average Pancakot over the dam can also be diverted. See Mython for train travel.

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Special Note: Panchet Dam is made across the Damodar River in Dhanbad District’s Panchet area in Jharkhand. Introduced in 1959, the Panchet dam is the fourth of the 4 multi-purpose dams that fall under the first phase of Damodar Valley Corporation.


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Where You Can Stay in Panchet Dam?

You can stay in DVC‘s own Mazumdar Niwas near the Panchet Dam.

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