Saheb Bandh Lake in Purulia!
Saheb Bandh_Beautiful Tourist Spots in Purulia District

Saheb Bandh Lake in Purulia!

Hello Friends! Welcome to Help My Tour! Our Today’s Subject Is Saheb Bandh Lake Which Held on Purulia District. Saheb Bandh Is the Biggest Lake or Pond. In One Word Sheab Bandh Lake Is an Origin of Purulia. Its Other Name Is Rishi Nibaran Saher.

Saheb Bandh Lake




History of Saheb Bandh Lake:

Saheb Bandh lake is near about 50 acres. It’s constructed on the 19th Century. Rumours say it made on British period as punishment duty form Kornel Tikli. This Process started in 1843. It’s Completed Under Five Year.


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Saheb Bandh Lake Purulia
Old Saheb Bandh Lake Purulia

How to Come Here?

If you come from the train than no problem! Just pick a Toto or on foot. It’s distance lass than 3 k.m. Takes time less than 15 minutes. By Bus, It’s less than 1 k.m. It takes 5 minutes.

Why Come Here?

It’s simple! Here have lot’s of side seen or great places. As Subash Park, District Science Center, Sikara Point, Children’s Park etc.

Saheb Bandh Lake in Purulia
Shikara points Saheb Bandh Lake in Purulia

Shikara Points:

The State Paschimanchal Unnayan Department has started Shikara points, ala Kashmir, at the 50-acre man-made lake, Saheb Bandh in Purulia from September 11, 2018.

The large lake, an attraction for wandering birds in winter from as far as Siberia and Balochistan, has already been listed a national lake by the Central government.

To give an actual feel, three Shikaras have been taken from Kashmir. The Shikhara drives are expected to be major draws during the Durga Puja festivals and the spring season.

Kashmiri clothes would also be available at the Shikaras, for people to wear and sit. A restaurant is also going to be set up at the Shikara point. The journeys would available for Rs 500 per hour per boat and Rs 250 for half an hour. A height of five people can board at a time.


Saheb Bandh in Purulia
Saheb Bandh with Birds in Purulia

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Choose a day for an outing and come on a historical place Saheb Bandh Lake in Purulia. I am sure! You love this place.

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